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Time For Tea and Biscuits: Links

Sense Of Place

And In All Directions Flying

Humphry huffed and puffed
but it was no good, the fat bugger was stuck!!!

From the sublime to the ridiculous, that's what links are all about, after all, and in the many miles we've travelled, so far, we think we've seen alot of both and it's been fun, and we've still miles to go before bed. We hope you notice the slightly different decor to this page; makes it look rather homey, don't you think?....What?....ohhhh HIM he's been struggling like that for sometime, nothing we can do about it though. says he's well and truly stuck, we don't really think he is, he just does it for the attention....Anyway, once more, take a look around, visit the links...Oh....and have a cup of tea and a biscuit......


an incredible find this,
very indepth

BBC Birmingham is
on the move to new quarters
an item from the archives


Radio Days. 1950's British Radio

the music you hear:
The Duane Eddy Medley.
The Ashley Hutchings
Big Beat Combo
"twangy rock meets
foot tappin' folk"

Son of Brum Rocks




Whirligig. 1950's British Television

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