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Denny Laine

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The Many Roads of One Musician

Denny Laine performing with World Class Rockers

Denny Laine (real name Brian Hynes) has had more than one bite of the rock cherry. An important player in the Sixties Birmingham beat scene Laine joined his first group Johnny and the Dominators after acquiring an electric guitar. While holding down a job as an electrical goods trainee he formed his first group Denny Laine and The Diplomats in 1962 featuring Phil Ackrill (guitar), Steve Horton (bass), Bev Bevan (drums), vocalist Nicky James and Robert Davis (now know as comedian Jasper Carrott). The group were notorious around the Birmingham scene for having matching suits, peroxided hair, while trying to pass themselves off as two sets of brothers. Laine became part of the Birmingham beat amalgamation that was The Moody Blues. He was an excellent guitar player and vocalist, as deminstrated by the group's huge international hit 'Go Now' which topped the charts in 1965. Unfortunately none of the group's subsequent output was anywhere near as successful and Laine abandoned the Moodies in September 1966.
After spending time in Spain Laine formed Denny Laine's Electric String Band, a short-lived experimental affair notable for the pioneering us of a Royal Academy quartet using amplified classical string instruments - an idea later filched by his Brummie brethren, Roy Wood and Jeff Lyne. Joining him in the venture was the unreliable ex-Pretty Things drummer, Viv Prince, and Spooky Tooth bassist Andy Leigh. As a soloist Laine was signed to Deram and became a frequent feature on John Peel's Top Gear radio show. He seemed about to achieve single success with his wonderfully baroque 'Say You Don't Mind' (with an arrangement scored by John Paul Jones) but incredibly it did nothing, when the follow up 'Too Much In Love' fell on equally deaf ears the band prematurely split in August 1967.
Laine drifted through the rest of the Sixties. His next Tony Secunda -guided venture Balls with fellow Brummies Trevor Burton and Steve Gibbons folded after only one single - the Burton-penned 'Fight For My Country'. An equally unsatisfactory stint with Ginger Baker's Airforce followed ( Laine's version of Bob Dylan's 'Man of Constant Sorrow' becoming a single in 1970) before Laine got the call to join Paul MCartney's new group Wings in August 1971. 'Say You Don't Mind' finally became the hit it so rightly deserved to be when revived in 1972 by Colin Blunstone. Laine stayed with Wings until his official departure in April 1981. Always a restless spirit, he filed for bankruptcy in the mid-Eighties (he had sold his lucrative co-publishing rights to the million-selling hit 'Mull of Kintyre' to co-author Paul McCartney) and sporadically continues to record and perform. D L has his own official website and will be entering the studio to record a brand new album in early 2006

a note: the above biography comes
from an incredible book,
Then, Now and Rare: British Beat 1960 - 1969.
written by Terry Rawlings and
 edited by Andy Neill and  Chris Charlesworth.
Published in 2002 by

Denny Laine & The Diplomats  

Denny Laine and The Diplomats [click for larger]

Denny Laine: lead vocals, guitar(left in 1964)
Phil Ackrill: guitar and vocal
Bev Bevan: drums
Dave Wheeland: bass guitar( left 1962)
Steve Horton: bass guitar(joined 1962)
Nicky James: lead vocal joined in 1962, left in 1963)
Mike Hopkins: guitar (joined, 1964)
Jim Onslow: vocals (joined 1964)

The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues: The Original Line Up

Graeme Edge: drums
Denny Laine: vocals, guitar (left 1966)
Mike Pinder: vocals, piano, mellotron
Ray Thomas: vocals, flute
Clint Warwick: vocals, bass guitar(left 1966)
Justin Hayward: vocals, guitar(joined 1966)
John Lodge: vocals, bass guitar(joined 1966)

Denny Laine
Denny Laine

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Denny Laine & The Diplomats

The Moody Blues

Denny Laine Electric String Band

Unnamed band

Eric Clapton (guitar)
George Harrison (guitar)
Denny Laine (guitar)
Trevor Burton (guitar)
Ric Grech (bass)

Ginger Baker's Airforce


Denny Laine Band

Unnamed band


World Classic Rockers

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