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An Open Ear On The Past

Brum Beat
An Open Ear On The Past
Robert Plant
Band Of Joy
The Move
The Idle Race
The Magnificent Moody Blues
Denny Laine
To Our Children's Children's Children
Mellotronics And Other 8 Second Sounds
Susan Maughan 1942-
Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders
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Jam Sandwiches Off The Wall
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Rockin' The Foundations

Brum Rocked

An attempt at a look at the  history of the music scene, in
Birmingham, from the mid nineteen fifties to the mid nineteen sixties, and the influence it has had on the overall British music scene is what this website is all about.The site is a logical expansion of a web page that used to exist on another of our websites, you'll see  the same links and such here. The page has been moved here, and  now forms the introduction to this, the Brum Beat site. For the original inspiration, massive thanks are due to
John R, Woodhouse, whose incredible Brumbeat website is linked to all over the place, the names linked, to the right, are a small sampling of the whole site, a tease, you might say. Two  names, those of Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg, are very special, because they are The Brum connection with  the finest band that has ever existed, Fairport Convention,(Actually there was an all Brummie Fairport line up, for a short period of time, and we'll get to them, eventually) There will be two different website links for each of them.So many names, so many bands,you'll recognize alot of the individual band members, we think...... Yes, there were alot of other places, besides London, that produced great music, from the mid fifties to the mid sixties....This is one of 'em

Two notes: What we're  doing here is, providing links to the musicians as they were, and where possible, what those same musicians are up to now. Secondly, the Union Jack at the bottom of the links column will take you to a site that shows what was going on in the sixties throughout Britain, this, we hope will add prespective to the music scene of the time, as a whole, in other words, equal time for all. You can see vidoe on The Move page, links to four and a fifth actually here on this site... Can't say fairer than that now, can you?

Part The Second: Still Rockin'


We recently recieved an e-mail from Mike Lavender of TGM Ltd. and editor of the two books you see on this page,advising us of the publication of what is infact Vol. 2 of the continuing story of the Birmingham Music scene, Brum Rocked On and we are very proud to present it to you here, at Brumbeat.
The link, via the book cover, will take you to the site, where, if you have any sense, you'll immediately purchase the aforementioned book, along with with
Brum Rocked, if you don't already own a copy.
Mike, thanks, man!

Brum Beat. Motor City
Sequel NEX CD 251


What's The Matter Baby?
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
Your Loving Ways
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
This is Love
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
You Could Be Fun
(At the End of a Party)
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
My Girl
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
Shimmy Shammy Jangle
(Carl Wayne and the Vikings)
(The Rockin' Berries)
Let's Try Again
(The Rockin' Berries)
Walk Baby Walk
(Johnny Neal and the Starliners)
Goodbye Girl
(Keith Powell)
Some People Only
(Keith Powell)
Two Little People
(Keith Powell and Billie Davis)
It Keeps Rainin'
(Keith Powell)
Swingin' Tight
(Keith Powell and Billie Davis)
My Colour is Blue
(Nicky James)
Wake Up My Mind
(The Uglys)
That's Alright
(Jimmy Powell and the 5 Dimensions)
(The Revolution)
Green Light
(Young Blood)
Daydreaming of You
(The Hellions)
Lose Your Money
(The Moody Blues)
Go Now
(The Moody Blues)
I Don't Want to Go On
Without You
(The Moody Blues)
Night Of Fear
(The Move)
Sunshine Help Me
(The Move)
Stephanie Knows Who
(The Move)
Something Else
(The Move)
UK Title released 1993-deleted.

Massive thanks to the late, great, and still sadly missed 
 Carl Wayne for the track listing for
Brum Beat, Motorcity Music:
Midlands Beat Groups Of  The 60's

Do you recognise this geezer?

The Snackerie or "Alex's pie stand"
as it was more widely known, was
a popular spot in central Birmingham
during the 1960s for members of
local groups to grab a hot meal
after a late night engagement.

spot John Lodge and Ray Thomas
El Riot and The Rebels

 Brum Rocked

Carl Wayne. 2002
Carl Wayne in 2002

 Brum Rocks





Both Robert Plant and
the late John Bonham
are and were from Birmingham











Denny Laine

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